Our Approach

One person at a time

We are focused on providing you the support you need to live life the way you want. Getting your support just the way you want doesn’t come off a shelf.

One2One does not provide any group activities that cluster people with disabilities together (based purely on the commonality of their disability). We do not support people living together in group homes – instead, we support people living in their own homes, with family and friends.

The One2One individually tailored support approach puts you firmly at the centre of the process and all the decision making that impacts on you.

Our Process

Step 1

Listen & Understand

We start by listening. We want to get to know you to understand what you want from your service provider.

Step 2

Design in Partnership

We work with you to design the personal support services you and your family need.

Step 3


We get everything you need from your plan up and running!

Step 4


We keep listening and we are ready to change your services when needed.

Step 1 – We start by listening to you

We understand you need your provider to be approachable and for them to understand you and what you want. At One2One, we seek to build long term relationships with people so being able to make a connection is critical.

Step 2 – We design with you

Many traditional support services are designed around the service. You have to take what’s available regardless of whether it is an actual fit for you.

One2One’s individualised approach sees your support service tailored to you – from the ground up. We look for ways to help you rather than how to fit you into already packaged-up services. You’re in control of the decisions about your support services. This includes choosing the type of service management you are looking for and how much you want us involved. It’s your choice.

We also strive to match you with the right support person. We choose or recruit support staff (together with you) specifically to match your personal requirements.

We look to connect you with someone you can relate to and build rapport with. We ask about your interests so we can match you with someone that shares similar interests. For young people we aim to provide staff that offer a positive relationship of influence – someone that may in time become a valued mentor. We do this because we’re a family business – we work for you and we value our partnership with you.

Step 3 – We get your supports up and running

Our experienced team will work with you and your family to ensure that your staff understand your goals and how to support you to achieve them. We focus on good communication so that everyone can stay on the same page.

Step 4 – Check in, review and move forward

We don’t believe in ‘set and forget’. We want to make sure your support services work for you throughout your life. So we keep talking to you and listening to what you want. As time goes on, if we need to change things, it’s no problem. We totally understand that everyone’s life changes and transitions from time to time, and your supports need to be
flexible enough to change with you.

Remember, you’re in control, it’s your plan.

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