Fancy Running a Microenterprise?

A key focus area for 121 Inc. is supporting the establishment or ongoing development of
microenterprises; small scale businesses that are created around a hobby or an
interest. Founded in November 2017, 121 Inc. was born out of a desire to create transformative social change, deepen the quality of life, and support meaningful participation for people living with disability and mental illness in WA.

Microenterprise is a space that can work towards breaking down barriers to employment
for people living with disability, and to champion against the beliefs of those that think people with a disability cannot be successful at working, particularly those with significant communication barriers.

About the Grant

Our Microenterprise Grant is simply 121 Inc’s way of helping you achieve your initial business goals. We recognise that you may have a wonderful idea and a well thought out business plan but no capital to get going! We will consider grant applications up to the value of $2000 in start up costs.

Microenterprise Grant Applicant Information Kit 

To learn more about Microenterprise and what 121 Inc. can do to support you, check out our
Microenterprise Grant Applicant Information Kit HERE

At 121 Inc. we also aim to broaden our philanthropic efforts by supporting other
community influence activities, groups and organisations that align with our mission. So, get in touch with us today: or find us on Facebook here.

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Fancy Running a Microenterprise?

A key focus area for 121 Inc is supporting the establishment or ongoing development


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