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We’re a family business with family values and we seek to develop and maintain a great team of reliable, diverse and motivated support staff across our organisation.

One2One aims to create great relationships within our team and with everyone we support, so we recruit people who align with our values and culture.

We are keen to hear from people with a ‘can do’ attitude, an inclusive approach and a willingness to share their life skills. We value staff who are attuned to the gifts that all people bring and to the significance of building capacity rather than disempowerment.

Please see our list of vacancies in our links below.

Looking for a job that’s meaningful and where you can still balance your other commitments?

Do you have an interest in support work but maybe have not considered it as a career? Many of the great support workers at One2One did not start their careers in support work. Often they have reached a stage where their kids are a bit more independent and they are looking for a new job that’s meaningful, where they feel valued in their work and still allows them to be there for their kids. Support work provides the opportunity to positively impact the life of the person or people you support while balancing your other commitments.

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Want to build transferable skills in a job that can fit in with your uni, work and social life?

If you have a passion for helping others and are interested in a role where you can use your empathy and compassion to make a difference, you should consider support work. Support work at One2One is a job that can fit in with your uni, work and social life. It also offers the opportunity to build skills that are transferable to many different industries. You also get the chance to take the people you support to do a variety of unique activities. If this sounds like it could be for you, contact One2One for more information.

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Thinking about making a move to a career where you can use your life skills to help others reach their potential?

If you have been thinking about making a move to a career that’s more rewarding and meaningful, have you considered support work? If you love interacting with new people and are keen to use your life skills to help others reach their potential, it could be the new pursuit you’re looking for. Support work provides the opportunity to work in an environment in which you can share your interests and build meaningful relationships with the people you support. On the job training is provided and work schedules can fit in with your other commitments. If you think this could be a career for you, get in touch with One2One today.

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Looking for a new challenge where you can use your life experiences to help others, but wondering how to start again at something new?

Have you been in the same career for most of your working life and are wondering “what’s next”? You might be looking for a new challenge where you can give back and use your many life experiences to help others, but you are wondering how to start again at something new. Support work provides a path to be a positive mentor, where you can build lasting relationships and make a real difference in someone’s life. There are no job experience prerequisites as One2One provides on the job training for people with a positive, can-do attitude, and you can work to a schedule that suits you.

Staff highlights

Joel Gratte

Joel is a relatively new member of the Support Worker team at One2One, however, he has already made a very positive impact on consumers and their families. Motivational and proactive in his support, Joel supports people in their pursuit of opportunities. He maintains a great rapport with each person he supports and is always attentive to each person’s needs. For Joel, no task is too big or small. He is very accommodating and eager to assist and always displays his trademark professionalism and courtesy. For all these reasons and more, Joel was a recipient of a One2One Recognition of Excellence Award in 2019.

Joel Gratte
Alecia Girdler

Alecia is a Support Worker with One2One providing personal, social, physical and emotional support to the people she supports. She brings to her role immense passion and kindness, making notable positive progress with the people she supports, often exceeding their expectations. In 2019, Alecia was a recipient of a One2One Recognition of Excellence Award, acknowledgement of the solid connections she has formed through her supportive and committed approach and the resulting outstanding outcomes. Alecia’s approach is cemented by a thorough understanding of the people she supports allowing her to form deep and well-respected relationships with them and their families.

Alecia Girdler
Michael Kelly

With maturity and confidence well beyond his years, Michael has been able to excel in his role as a Support Worker at One2One. His positive and polite nature reflects positively in his support of people providing personal, social, physical and emotional support with daily activities, personal goals and building skills. He has demonstrated a keen ability to quickly connect and create strong and trusted relationships with the people he supports. In acknowledgement of his positive impact, he was awarded a One2One Recognition of Excellence Award in 2019.

Michael Kelly
Hayley Anschutz

After a period working with One2One, Hayley decided to pack up her things and embark on a travel adventure to London. Upon her return to Australia, she was keen to rejoin the One2One team and we were absolutely thrilled to welcome her back. As a Support Worker, Hayley has achieved some wonderful results especially as part of the Transition to Work program. She assisted a lovely young woman named Caidee in starting up a micro business at just 16 years of age, opening the door to some amazing opportunities.

Hayley Anschutz

John brings a ‘can do’ attitude to his role of Support Worker at One2One. We were honoured to present him with a 5 Year Service Award in 2019, recognising the significant positive impact he has had on the people he supports. John has taken the time to get to know both of the men he works with and provides various choices for what they would like to do. Furthermore, John also works well with the staff at other organisations and the families of the men he supports, with their feedback demonstrating how much they have developed in goal areas since he met them. John is honest, reliable, caring and very understanding of individual needs & goals. We hope John remains a part of the One2One team for many years to come.

John Mugenzi

What our team says

“I have worked with One2One for the past two years as a Support Worker. As a workplace, One2One prides itself on looking after its clients as much as their staff. The other staff have always felt more like close friends rather than work colleagues, and their kindness, enthusiasm and expertise have helped me to achieve great results with clients.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the support, training and experiences that I have had.”

– Hayley Anschutz

“My favourite thing about working at One2One has been the variety of work and the consumers themselves. Each day has the potential for something completely new, one day we could be cleaning the house and the next we could be on a plane to the other side of the county.

Also, One2One does a great job of linking us with consumers who have like-minded interests and personalities, making the relationships we build that much more impactful and organic.”

– Jesse Moran

“Working with One2one has given me the opportunity to work directly with people, in a way that is good for them. Every person is unique, and it’s great to work for an organisation that values this and knows how to think outside the box. Every day can bring new challenges and rewards, and One2One has ensured I have the tools, knowledge and support when I need it. They also care about their staff, providing great opportunities for team building and fun.”

– Lee Selkirk

“Thank you so much for my gift card for my four year anniversary with One2One. It has been a great four years and I have loved every moment of it.”

– Chris Dragicevich

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Employment Opportunities

One2One are always looking for experienced candidates to add to our talent pool, as such, you can check out our latest vacancies and apply at

Support Worker

Support Worker

Support work offers a rewarding, secure and flexible career. As a One2One support worker you will need to be well organised, reliable, possess excellent interpersonal skills, be available to provide consistent and flexible support and commit to a long term employment relationship. Your qualities will include a caring, easy going, tolerant and empathetic disposition whilst demonstrating initiative and consistency.

A generic role description covering a range of duties that a support worker may be asked to perform is available by clicking the ‘find out more’ button below. In discussion with the consumer and/or family, the specific needs and preferences of the consumer will be identified.

Essential to the application process will be a NDIS Worker Screening Clearance, First Aid Certificate, driver’s license, own reliable vehicle, willingness to attend an induction in your own time and work related references. Successful applicants can enjoy a competitive remuneration and on-the-job training.

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We are seeking expressions of interest from suitable candidates to open up their home and provide support and companionship to our consumers.

Homeshare is an approach to providing live-in support and companionship, in the most natural of settings, home. Support includes mentoring and encouraging independent living skills, participating in individual interests whilst connecting with the local community. Click the ‘find out more’ button below to find out more about this role.

These roles suit individuals or couples with great life skills and experience. One2One pays successful homesharers a tax free subsidy as a contribution towards the homesharer’s expenses and efforts in sharing a life with our consumer. The intent is to develop a long term working relationship between the homesharer and One2One.

Applicants must have a NDIS Worker Screening Clearance and a First Aid Certificate.

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Co-residents provide live-in support and companionship in the consumer’s home. The role endeavours to provide support in a natural yet safe home environment and suits individuals or couples with great life skills and experience. Support may include daily living, budgeting and money management, accessing community, maintaining family connections, developing healthy and meaningful relationships with others, and encouraging independent living skills.

A generic role description covering the key elements of the role is available by clicking the ‘find out more’ button below. In discussion with the consumer and/or family and service coordinator (if applicable) the specific needs and preferences of the consumer will be determined in advance.

Applicants must have a NDIS Worker Screening Clearance and a First Aid Certificate. One2One offers a competitive remuneration package, appropriate training and on-going support, as well as regular breaks to suit the co-resident’s individual needs and lifestyle.

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