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An independent evaluator managed by WA Department of Communities (Disability Services) has carried out an assessment of One2One’s progress in meeting the needs of our consumers, their families and support workers we support, and an evaluation of the services we offer in helping them achieve positive outcomes.

The findings and observations of the independent evaluator; reviewed feedback from individuals with disability, their families and support workers, staff and management; and assessed written evidence for compliance with the National Standards for Disability Services are documented in the Quality Evaluation Report prepared on behalf of WA Dept of Communities. This is the current approved Quality System for NDIS Service Providers in WA (pending introduction of the National Quality System into WA in 2020).

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The independent evaluator’s assessment and findings were extremely positive and noted two items of exceptional practice (initiatives towards excellence in service delivery). Here are some of the evaluator’s comments about our service management:

“One2One presented as an organisation that is managed and provided to a very high standard, based on evidence from all sources. Long-established quality themes including person centeredness, social inclusion, and high expectations are exemplified by this organisation. It is therefore particularly well placed as it moves into the NDIS environment, as these themes (among others, such as choice and control) are already fully embedded in its culture and practices.”

“An unusually high, and commendable, level of organisation-level practices is tailored to individual consumers. These include staff recruitment, training and support; and safety-related measures.”

The evaluator also noted that client and family feedback was strongly positive and appreciative. The report captures some of these comments from consumers and families we support; here is a small selection of these comments:

“There was no help anywhere, but I found One2One and I’ve never looked back…they’ve shown so much respect and commitment”,

“I was worried [the entry process] would be all formal so I was nervous, but they were so friendly and helpful”.

“Our supports are exactly in line with our plan, and with what [consumer name] says he wants to do”,

“It’s a very personalised service…we feel like we’re not alone”,

“They’re wonderfully supportive, they really listen to our needs…they’re small enough to know everyone by name, and everyone at the office is so open and friendly”,

“Very, very satisfied, nothing’s too big or too small, they go out of their way to help, that’s just how they are”,

“They’re great, I’m getting out and about more and feeling better about myself”,

“They’re so committed to [consumer name] and me, even the little things like ensuring [consumer name] is dressed and groomed just right for every occasion”,

“Unbelievably supportive and personalised in every way”.

In the evaluation process One2One was assessed against six quality standards, being Rights, Participation and Inclusion, Individual Outcomes, Feedback and Complaints, Service Access, and Service Management. One2One is highlighted as an industry leader in providing disability services that exceed standards in individualised support.

Here is an overview of the standards and how they are met by One2One’s service delivery:

To read more, download the full Quality Evaluation Report.

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