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Deb Browning and Glen Ottley
Deb Browning and Glen Ottley
For over 30 years, life partners Deb and Glen have been involved in the lives of people with disability and their families, in Western Australia. They also share 3 adored adult kids and a beautiful new grandson.

Glen commenced his career as a social trainer, progressed into accommodation management, DSC Local Area Coordination and non-government service management, before co-founding One2One with Deb in 2011.

Deb has extensive sector experience as an administrator, service coordinator, board director and HR operative, developing cohesive teams of valued staff from a diverse range of cultural and social backgrounds, to deliver quality support services.

Together Deb and Glen have taken One2One from a small, bespoke, individualised provider to a medium-sized, preferred provider of specialist Individual Living Options in WA. They have developed a team of skilled managers, coordinators and support staff, led by their accomplished CEO, Rod Davies.

With a focus on family, inclusion and building positive life experiences for people, Deb, Glen and the One2One team aim to lead the sector in contemporary individualised approaches to supporting people, and to offer quality, sustainable services to their consumers, over a long and rewarding term.

Rod Davies
Rod Davies
Rod has committed his life to supporting people with disability to be included, in charge of their own lives and have services tailored to them. Inclusion, self-direction and a person-centred approach are not just words to him, these values drive all that he does.

Rod started his career 20 years ago providing support to a young man with cerebral palsy that he went to high school with. Years later he is delighted to be the CEO of One2One which provides the same young man with round the clock support.

In the intervening years, Rod worked as a co-resident support worker, assisted in a quality of life study of people with disability in Sri Lanka and Tanzania and completed a degree in disability studies. He also worked as a local area coordinator and further developed his passion for live-in support arrangements. Before coming to One2One Rod worked as a senior manager in an individualised accommodation support provider and became a key thinker and practitioner of live-in support arrangements in Australia.

Rod has a young family and when not spending time with his kids he likes to garden and play online computer games.

Megan Donald
Megan Donald
Megan has worked in the disability sector for 32 years across a wide range of programs and age groups, from early intervention through to school age, teenagers and adults requiring support to live independent lives in homes of their own.

Megan is passionate about supporting people to realise their dreams and life goals. She is an accomplished planning facilitator and a valued and inspirational leader to the Coordination Team at One2One. Her passion is heightened by her lived experience of the journey that families travel. Megan’s beloved sister has a significant intellectual disability and lives in a home of her own, close to family with a wonderful team of ladies supporting her.

Megan loves her family, travel, walking her dog, pilates and up-cycling found treasures.

Rebecca Gotti
Rebecca Gotti
Rebecca has well over 30 years’ experience working in the Disability sector, realising her passion for assisting individuals with disability to have an everyday life whilst undertaking tertiary study in Recreation and Human Services management. She spent 5 years as Development officer for a small non-government organisation that provided camps for children with disability before securing her dream job as a Local Area Coordinator with the Disability Services Commission. She remained in this role for almost 20 years. In that time Rebecca had the privilege of working alongside a vast number of families and individuals, helping to connect with community and to work toward achieving their goals. During her tenure she spent time in various leadership and development roles. In most recent years she has worked in individualised service provision with another non-government organisation before joining the team at One2One.
Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as Service Manager. She iis committed to providing genuine and intentional leadership to the team to ensure ongoing high standard of service provision.
Outside of her work role Rebecca is very committed to her family and enjoys nothing more than camping by the beach with her husband, their two teenagers and an entourage of long- term family friends.
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