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Deb Browning
Deb Browning
Deb is passionate about people having the life they want with the support they choose and she has rallied against “off the shelf” disability supports for years. Giving people real choice and putting control in their hands is what she strives for every day.

Deb has over 30 years of work practice in the Health and Disability sectors in Government and Non-Government organisations. She has many years’ experience as an administrator, coordinator and people manager, connecting with people from a diverse range of cultural and social backgrounds.

Her numerous roles have contributed to her success as a skilled manager and a specialist in planning and delivering sustainable and innovative service models for people with a range of support needs and lifestyle choices.

Deb’s life joys include her beloved family (which she shares with partner Glen Ottley) as well as friendships, bushwalking, travelling and yoga.

Glen Ottley
Glen Ottley
Glen, is a true believer in every person’s right to have the support they want, the way they want it. He’s been striving for this ideal and providing people with more empowered lives, for over 25 years.

Glen commenced his career as a social trainer, progressed into accommodation service management, local area coordination, non-government service coordination and management, before co-founding One2One with his partner Deb Browning.

During his wide-ranging career in the sector Glen has developed an extensive set of skills from service design and delivery to comprehensive organisational management.

With a focus on family values, Glen leads his team in building positive outcomes and life experiences for people, through their connections with One2One.

Glen enjoys hanging out with friends and family, travel, hitting the gym and is a passionate member of the Historic Competition Motorcycle Club in Perth.

Rod Davies
Rod Davies
Rod has committed his life to supporting people with disability to be included, in charge of their own lives and have services tailored to them. Inclusion, self-direction and a person-centred approach are not just words to him, these values drive all that he does.

Rod started his career 20 years ago providing support to a young man with cerebral palsy that he went to high school with. Years later he is delighted to be the CEO of One2One which provides the same young man with round the clock support.

In the intervening years, Rod worked as a co-resident support worker, assisted in a quality of life study of people with disability in Sri Lanka and Tanzania and completed a degree in disability studies. He also worked as a local area coordinator and further developed his passion for live-in support arrangements. Before coming to One2One Rod worked as a senior manager in an individualised accommodation support provider and became a key thinker and practitioner of live-in support arrangements in Australia.

Rod has a young family and when not spending time with his kids he likes to garden and play online computer games.

Megan Donald
Megan Donald
Megan has worked in the disability sector for 32 years across a wide range of programs and age groups, from early intervention through to school age, teenagers and adults requiring support to live independent lives in homes of their own.

Megan is passionate about supporting people to realise their dreams and life goals. She is an accomplished planning facilitator and a valued and inspirational leader to the Coordination Team at One2One. Her passion is heightened by her lived experience of the journey that families travel. Megan’s beloved sister has a significant intellectual disability and lives in a home of her own, close to family with a wonderful team of ladies supporting her.

Megan loves her family, travel, walking her dog, pilates and up-cycling found treasures.

Alfred Carere
Alfred Carere
As a Human Resources Adviser, Alfred is passionate about people development, quality improvement and compliance. Utilising a consultative and pragmatic approach on performance management, Alfred believes any growth is stimulated by having a bias for action and challenging conventional methods of operating.

Alfred has 8 years’ experience in Human Resources and Management supporting organisations to achieve key people related strategies. As an avid people and culture practitioner, Alfred enjoys learning about contemporary best practices in Human Resources and is a professional member of the Australian Human Resources Institute.

In his down time Alfred enjoys connecting with family who are spread across the globe, and watching sport.


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