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Parents and Carers

We’re a family business.

We understand the importance of family in a person’s life. We also understand what it means to bring up kids and watch them grow into independent adults. We’ve helped young people grow to live independent lives in ways that their families didn’t think possible.

One2One staff are specialists in designing and delivering support to teens and young adults to live the lives they really want. We also strive to help their parents, families and carers gain the peace of mind and confidence that their kids can live fulfilling and independent lives.

Contact us today for a chat. Let us suggest some ways we can support your son or daughter to live the life they want.

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Adults and Young People with Disabilities

One2One can design and tailor supports for you, so you can live your life your own way.

We spend a lot of time listening and getting to know you. We want to understand what’s important to you, what would really make a difference, and what you really want in life.

We believe this is the best way to make sure your support is just right for you.

Call us for a chat. We can make this happen for you.

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Local Coordinators/Planners

We can make your job easier.

One2One recognises the demands on you as planners and connectors to find a provider that comprehends the unique needs of young people as well as adults, who want to live secure, fulfilling lives in their own homes, in their own communities.

With over 25 years’ experience in Western Australia’s disability sector, One2One can work with your valued  plan participants to design and deliver fully individualised and capacity-building approaches to support services. We have a team of over 150 experienced direct support and administrative staff, along with a large network of professionals and community service providers to connect and support people to create the truly inclusive life they want, in their own community.

We understand teens, adults and their families. We also comprehend  the demands on you as support professionals to find a provider that really understands the unique needs of young people and their families.

We also support many older adults to live independent, inclusive and fulfilling lives in their own homes within their own chosen communities.

Contact us today to find out how we can design and deliver personalised support to your plan participants.

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Other Disability Service Providers

One2One continues to develop working partnerships with other disability service and equipment providers, within the NDIS service delivery framework.

This includes providers of Therapy Services and Support Coordination Services that are seeking providers to link with their customers, to provide complimentary supports (they don’t offer) that are allocated in their customer’s NDIS Plan.

We are registered NDIS providers and can provide all NDIS support items (except therapy, equipment and some specialist coordinator). Our experienced staff are competent in the processes and policies applicable to NDIS plan implementation and can provide all necessary reports as required for annual reporting to NDIA.

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