Overall Responsibility

Provide live in support to a person with a disability

Coresidents provide live in support and companionship in the Consumer’s home. As all of us are unique so is each Coresident arrangement. Duties detailed in this role description capture the key elements of your role. In discussion with the Consumer and/or family and Service Coordinator (if applicable) the specific needs and preferences of the Consumer will be determined in advance.

1. Planning, Life, Home and Family

Provide personal and practical support to enable the Consumer you live with to develop and maintain their lifestyle.

  • Develop a relationship of trust and mutual respect for the Consumer you are sharing home with and their family and friends.
  • Identify with the Consumer their plans, goals and dreams and support them to achieve and review their plans as required.
  • Support the Consumer through planning and exploration of choices, access to employment, training, further learning, recreation and leisure.
  • Advocate for and with the Consumer you are supporting as required.
  • Assist the Consumer to develop a strong sense of belonging and home.
  • Maintain, develop and facilitate personal connections and relationships with family and friends.
  • Assist the Consumer to create and maintain a welcoming home environment where they are comfortable to share their home with family and friends.
  • Understand and respect individual choice and maximise every opportunity for decision making skills to develop.
  • Encourage and maintain a focus on capacity building.
  • Respect the Consumer’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Immediately inform One2One of any issue that may impact on your Coresident Contract.
  • Adhere to any formal Guardianship Orders.

2. Communication

Demonstrate at all times effective and positive communication with the Consumer you are living with, as well as with One2One, to foster a harmonious living environment for mutual benefit.

  • Practice effective communication, negotiation and problem solving skills in all aspects of your support role and with everyone you may communicate with in the course of your duties.
  • Communicate with and update One2One and family regularly so they are kept up to date with what is happening in the Consumer’s life.
  • Complete written updates and reports as requested and on time (usually fortnightly).
  • Be available for support and supervision as requested.
  • Report incidents / accidents as required using One2One forms and processes.

3. Health and Wellbeing

Support the Consumer in all aspects of maintaining their general health and wellbeing including their physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs.

  • Arrange and/or attend medical and specialist appointments, communicating outcomes with
  • family and others within your support team as required.
  • Maintain knowledge and/or records of medical outcomes for future need.
  • Monitor, supervise and/or administer medications and treatments as required.
  • Inform One2One of any medical issues that could impact on the Consumer’s health
  • wellbeing and support needs.
  • Encourage healthy eating choices/diet and regular physical activity.
  • Respect individual religious/spiritual beliefs of the Consumer and/or family and their
  • culture of origin.

4. Practical and Personal Support

Encourage and support involvement in and development of skills in all areas of life that will empower the Consumer and increase their capability and independence.

Including but not limited to:

  • Be aware of any individual goals with a focus on skill development, new learning and increased independence and support the Consumer to work towards success.
  • Provide required support in all aspects of grooming, hygiene and personal presentation.
  • Assist as required, purchase of new clothing and footwear.
  • Assist the Consumer to be involved in meal planning, shopping for food and meal preparation.
  • Assist the Consumer to be involved with and share responsibility for home cleaning.
  • Assist with all laundry tasks as required.
  • Foster an understanding of coresidency and shared responsibilities.

5. Belonging, Connections and Community

Encourage a strong sense of belonging by creating a home together, encourage and support existing relationships and the development of new ones by enjoying community life, experiences and the desires and dreams of the Consumer.

  • Be aware of the Consumer’s personal networks and support them to maintain and develop new relationships and personal connections.
  • Assist with planning for family and other social events and provide all necessary practical support as required.
  • Encourage involvement, inclusion and membership in groups, clubs and community events.
  • Be aware of and plan to be involved in and attend local community events and services together.
  • Support the Consumer to meet neighbours and encourage neighbourly spirit.
  • Be familiar with the Consumer’s dreams and desires and find ways to support them to realise their dreams.

6. Personal Affairs and Financial Support

Assist with the management of the Consumer’s personal affairs and finances as required and respect individual needs and circumstances in confidence.

  • Provide support to assist the Consumer to budget and to plan to meet their financial obligations and live within their means.
  • Assist with banking and bill payment tasks as required.
  • Encourage the Consumerto have a savings plan aligned with future needs and their dreams.
  • Develop appropriate strategies with the Consumer, family and/or Coordinator to ensure the Consumer is safeguarded against risk of financial losses and/or exploitation.
  • Maintain financial records as required.
  • Assist with understanding and responding to all correspondence as required.
  • Support and advocate as required; with services such as banks, ATO, Centrelink, employers, clubs and medical services.
  • Adhere to any formal administration and guardianship orders (eg assist Consumer to regularly liaise with their Public Trustee or Administrator).
  • Report any issues /concerns or factors that may significantly impact on the Consumer’s personal and financial stability.

7. Coresident Obligations and Provisions

Understand in full your Coresident Agreement, your obligations and individual arrangements. Maintain all arrangements agreed to within your agreement.

  • Request clarity or a review of your agreement with all signatories in a timely manner.
  • Maintain open and honest communication channels with all parties to your agreement.
  • Participate in any training as directed by One2One.
  • Understand your provision for breaks and discuss plans in a timely manner (at least one month prior to your break) to ensure alternative support plans can be developed.
  • Encourage and utilise incidental opportunity to have natural breaks from your role.
  • Opportunities may include Consumer spending time with family, friends or at events or clubs.
  • Encourage the strengthening of personal connections, friendships and interests. This provides mutual benefits and natural breaks for the Consumer and shared living supporters.

Note: Supervision arrangements vary in shared management. Consumers and/or families may choose to manage all aspects of their individual needs, including supporting and supervising people they engage or they may enlist the support of a Service Coordinator from One2One.

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